Where to Buy Bone Token (BONE) – The Best Places to Purchase BONE Tokens

Bone Token (BONE) is the governance token of the popular Shiba Inu ecosystem. Holding BONE gives you voting rights and the ability to create proposals in Shiba Inu’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). But where can you actually buy BONE tokens? In this guide, we’ll explore the main platforms and exchanges to purchase BONE.

BONE is not as widely available to purchase compared to major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. You won’t find it on mainstream platforms like Coinbase or Binance. However, BONE can be bought on a handful of centralized exchanges, decentralized platforms like ShibaSwap, and from P2P marketplaces. 

Let’s look at the key options for buying BONE tokens:

Centralized Exchanges


OKX, previously OKEx, is one of the largest centralized exchanges that offers a BONE/USDT trading pair. To buy BONE on OKX you first need to create an account and complete KYC verification. Fiat deposits can be made via credit/debit card or bank transfer. You can also deposit crypto like USDT to exchange for BONE. The trading fees on OKX are 0.1%. 

Steps to buy BONE on OKX:

1. Sign up for an OKX account and complete identity verification.

2. Deposit USD via bank transfer or credit card, or deposit USDT or other crypto. 

3. Navigate to Trade > Spot Trading. Search for the BONE/USDT pair.

4. Place a limit or market order to buy BONE with USDT or other crypto.

5. Withdraw the purchased BONE to an external crypto wallet you control.


Gate.io is another leading exchange offering BONE tokens against USDT or Ethereum. Trading fees are 0.2% per transaction. Gate.io allows deposits via bank transfer, credit/debit cards, and a wide range of cryptocurrencies. 

To buy BONE on Gate.io:

1. Create an account on Gate.io and complete KYC verification.

2. Deposit USD or crypto like USDT or ETH.

3. Go to Markets, search for BONE, and trade BONE against USDT or ETH.

4. Withdraw BONE to an external wallet.


Uniswap is a decentralized exchange built on Ethereum. It offers an ETH/BONE trading pair. To buy BONE on Uniswap you need to connect a wallet like MetaMask. 

Steps to buy BONE on Uniswap:

1. Download and set up a MetaMask wallet. Fund it with ETH.

2. Access Uniswap through the browser or app. Connect your wallet.

3. Select the ETH/BONE pool. Enter the amount of BONE you want to buy.

4. Click Swap. Confirm the transaction in your wallet. 

5. The purchased BONE will show in your connected wallet.


ShibaSwap is the decentralized exchange of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. The most popular way to buy BONE is by digging and burying SHIB on ShibaSwap to earn BONE as a reward. You can also provide liquidity and swap tokens directly for BONE.

To use ShibaSwap you need to connect a compatible wallet like Coinbase Wallet. Here is how to earn BONE on ShibaSwap:

  1. Download Coinbase Wallet, set up your account, and transfer in SHIB tokens.
  2. Go to https://shibaswap.com and connect your Wallet. 
  3. Select Dig to stake your SHIB and earn BONE over time through mining.
  4. You can also Bury (stake) SHIB to earn passive BONE rewards.
  5.  Provide liquidity in SHIB/ETH, LEASH/BONE etc pools to earn BONE. 
  6. Swap ETH directly for BONE with the swap feature.
  7. Your earned BONE will show in your connected Coinbase Wallet.

Note that using ShibaSwap requires paying high gas fees in ETH so optimize for lower network usage times.

P2P Marketplaces

BONE can also be purchased from peer-to-peer platforms like Gate.io P2P and LocalCryptos where buyers and sellers trade directly. The steps are:

1. Browse BONE selling listings and pick a reputable seller.

2. Choose your payment method e.g. bank transfer, gift card, PayPal etc.

3. Place the trade order and follow the seller’s payment instructions.

4. Upon payment release, the seller will transfer the BONE to your provided wallet address.

Storing BONE Safely

Once you’ve bought BONE tokens, you need to store them safely in a compatible cryptocurrency wallet where you control the private keys. Here are some good options:

MetaMask – Browser extension crypto wallet that supports BONE. It provides secure access to ShibaSwap.

Coinbase Wallet – Mobile wallet app that integrates with ShibaSwap and other DeFi platforms. Supports BONE storage.

Trust Wallet – Popular mobile wallet with support for BONE and access to ShibaSwap.

Never leave your BONE in an exchange wallet long term as you don’t control the private keys. Make sure to do your own research on the security and convenience of different wallet types for your needs.

In Summary

While not as widely available as major cryptocurrencies, there are still several options to buy the Shiba Inu governance token BONE. The main centralized exchanges are OKX, Gate.io and Uniswap, while the most popular decentralized method is earning BONE through ShibaSwap. You can also buy BONE from peer-to-peer platforms. Just be sure to withdraw your purchased BONE to a secure wallet you control. Follow these steps and you can obtain your own BONE tokens!

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